Complete permanent makeup training

Training Centre AB “Permanent Makeup Academy” offers you Permanent Makeup (Tattoo) Training Courses. This procedure has been very popular among women for a long time. This is due to several factors:

Complete PM startup trainingFirst, the correct tattoo application allows hiding scars and various skin defects.

Second, this makeup is resistant to various weather conditions, so that a woman will always look perfectly in the pouring rain, after a sauna or swimming pool.

And the third factor is probably the most important one. After the application of permanent makeup a woman doesn’t need to spend her time for application of the traditional makeup for several years, and this saves money significantly.

So nowadays among the fair sex of humanity, we have stable demand for permanent makeup and, consequently, on the masters who can apply it.

Do you want to try yourself in a new profession and become a permanent makeup artist? It’s not a problem.

Our centre will teach you easily of all the tricks. Due to the fact that the course of tattoo is the advanced training, it is much shorter in duration and less expensive compared to the basic education. And if you have already got the skills of permanent makeup application, we can offer you to visit the thematic seminars, which cost 1,500-4,000 to get new or to deepen your knowledge in a particular subject.

Training solution eyebrow shapeTattoo Courses from the Training Centre AB “Permanent Makeup Academy”

The course programme includes the study of anatomy, anaesthesia, antisepsis, asepsis, different ways of bleeding and wounds management (development on practical skin), colours and development of knowledge in practice (on client models of the training centre).

The education programme includes two types of directions in the permanent makeup such as:


Full course of the Permanent Makeup Master.
Cost: R 30,000
Duration: 5 days (48 hours)

Theories of PMU and

10:00 Soft Touch Eyebrows in Micropigmintation by Master
12:00 Soft touch Eyebrows in Micropigmintation by Students in life model
15:00 Eyeliner of Micropigmintation “Lash Line” by master

10:00 Eyeliner of Micropigmintation “Lash Line ” by students in life model
13:00 Lanch
14:00 Decorations eyeliner rotary way by Master

10:00 Decoration eyeliner rotary way by students in practical skin
13:00 Lanch
14:00 Decorations eyeliner rotary way by students on life model

10:00 Lips liner , students work with master on one life model
13:00 Lunch
14:00 rotary way Ombre eyebrows

permanent-makeupTo ensure proper monitoring by the teacher, practical lessons are conducted in a group with max 2 persons or individually, allowing you to clarify fully any misunderstood aspects in training.

All the practical lessons are carried out using our equipment. Our team, which has an extensive experience in the beauty industry, has prepared a starter kit for you that will meet your expectations in price and quality:

  • Machine (USA) (3000 rpm, 4 speeds, in kit: 2 oils for a motor, 5 heterodyne needles, 5 needle caps, 2 extra needle-holders, 1 disposable skirt handpiece.
  • Pigments (USA, Netherlands): 15 ml.* Number of purchased pigments – upon the student’s request. Min. Quantity for the start of work – 5 pieces (for eyes, eyebrows, lips).
  • Single needle: 50 pieces
  • Needle caps: 50 pieces
  • Bottles of Permanent makeup ink/pigment: 50 pcs

In order to expand your knowledge, in our centre you can attend master classes and learn the latest trends in permanent makeup.

Those, who are going to dedicate themselves to permanent makeup, are recommended to develop themselves continually in this area with the help of our training centre!