Before the procedure you shouldn’t

  • Drink alcohol (at least one day prior to that)
  • take antibiotics
  • drink coffee
  • take aspirin on the day of the procedure.

You should not apply fatty creams on the eyelids (in case of tattoo on the eyelids) a few days before the procedure.

You should take a course of prophylactic medications for prevention of herpes (aciclovir) before applying tattoo on the lips.

Read this before you sign up for the procedure!

Tattoo makeup cannot be applied in case of:

  • Diabetes (insulin-dependent form)
  • Poor blood clotting ability
  • Acute inflammatory diseases
  • Skin’s predisposition to keloid scars
  • Predisposition to allergic reactions
  • Oncology diseases
  • Predisposition to epilepsy and different mental illnesses
  • Aggravation of herpes
  • Severe heart diseases
  • Pregnancy and lactation

It’s also better to postpone the procedure if you have menses, get sick or feel unwell.

Before the permanent makeup (tattoo) procedure

Before the permanent makeup (tattoo) procedure a client shall discuss the desired shape, color and saturation together with the master. Then the sketch is drawn, the color, the most suitable to the face type and skin tone, is mixed taking into consideration the color of hair and eyes. You can bring a pencil or lipstick of the desired hue with you. After approval of the sketch the anesthesia is applied (I use gels, creams, special napkins on the basis of lidocaine) and in 10-20 minutes we proceed directly to the procedure.

I do not make eyebrows like strings and eyebrows on the forehead. I do not use black pigment for eyebrows and lips. I do not make lips with excessively protruding contour

If you have already got a tattoo and:

  • your eyebrows are blue, gray-blue, pink, purple or of an inadequate form,
  • your lips are with strong intercede for contour or with bluish color,
  • there are stains of the pigment on the eyelids or a bad form of arrows (too wide, too long, asymmetrical)

It is IMPOSSIBLE to cover (fix) this tattoo with the help of a new one and to make it beautiful! Only laser removal or lightening will handle it!

Home care!

After the procedure there is a crust in the area of tattoo application. This crust will disappear within 4-14 days (it depends on the area and individual characteristics of the skin). The most important thing is not to rip off the crust and not to comb it in any case, it must peel itself! (I will advise you skin care products).

It’s also forbidden to sunbathe within 2-3 weeks after the procedure, and generally your face shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. To keep the tattoo good-looking as long as possible you should protect the skin with SPF sunscreens (of at least 30).

During the healing period it is very important to protect your skin as much as possible from infection, mechanical damage and ultraviolet rays. You shouldn’t swim in open water, take a bath, visit sauna/bath, you should limit to showers during this period, the crust shouldn’t be steamed out, and you shouldn’t use decorative cosmetics.


IMG_0607Tattoo is a work with a live skin and the skin is not a paper on which you can draw whatever you like! All people have a different skin so it is impossible to control how the human body of each individual will perceive the pigment. The pigment’s establishment depends on many factors such as metabolism, type and color of skin, person’s age, as well as solar, thermal and mechanical effects.

If the pigment was not established or it is lighter than expected, or you need to change the hue (to make it warmer or colder), to modify the shape and symmetry slightly, this can be made on the correction and the correction is needed for this. Be ready that for the best results you may need not only one correction!

If you are promised a chic tattoo without correction, even without at least a visual analysis of the skin, be careful if you do not want to go with blue or green eyebrows of unnatural form!

And please do not think that the correction’s purpose is to pull your money out! My correction’s cost covers only the cost of consumables and the procedure time lasts sometimes even longer than the procedure from scratch, so in financial terms it’s not profitable to make a correction, but it is necessary to make a beautiful and high-quality tattoo!

You have to pay for my correction and to sign up for it in advance!

The minimum period of correction is 3 weeks, the maximum period of correction is 2 months if you do not come to make a correction within two months than the following procedure will be considered as a renewal and it will be more expensive!