Complete PM startup trainingHow is permanent makeup applied?

Firstly, you should go to a specialist salon and discuss where and how you would like a cosmetic tattoo be applied. Prior to the procedure, the master must draw a test pattern, and only after your test version approval, he/she starts the color pigment implantation. The coloring pigment is implanted on a pre-drawn counter at 1 mm depth with ultra-thin sterile needles with the help of a special apparatus.

All the coloring pigments, used when applying permanent makeup, have a mineral or organic origin, completely harmless to the body and eliminate the risk of allergies. So far as they are implanted not so deeply compared to the usual tattoo, the coloring pigments implantation preserves blood vessels and nerve endings safely and reduces pain significantly.

Yet, the permanent makeup procedure application is done with anesthesia. In addition to the pain elimination the anesthesia provides complete immobility of the client, and it is important for the makeup to be applied completely symmetrically. However, in some salons topical anesthesia (spreading of the anesthetic gel on the work surface) is replaced by nerve block (several injections). The duration of the permanent makeup application on the eyebrows, eyelids and lips is from about 2.5 to 3.5 hours, and if you need, for example, only to paint your eyebrows, it will take not more than 60 minutes. Usually just after applying, the permanent makeup seems glaringly bright. Do not worry: it will take 2-3 days, dry skin crusts will fall away at the place of the tattoo and the colors will become more matt and natural-looking.

As a rule, makeup is applied twice. The coloring pigment does not immediately assimilate in tissues and its part breaks down in 7-10 days, so a month later the makeup is corrected (tattoo correction). The masters, who know what tattoo is, indicate the time that is the best period for the permanent makeup application. The fact is that after the procedure there are micro-wounds on the skin, so the whole first week after the salon visiting you have to treat the skin with the skin protection products and wash only with the herbal infusions of chamomile, eucalyptus or sage, having anti-inflammatory action. In this period sunbathing, swimming in the open water, and decorative cosmetics usage are absolutely contraindicated to you.

Well, the beauty has its price, and swollen lips or reddened eyebrows edges are not the biggest cost for the opportunity to go without decorative cosmetics in the next few years, all the more so in a few days all the unpleasant consequences for the appearance will disappear without a trace.